Why You Can Get Pregnant on Birth Control

Almost half of the over 6 million pregnancies within the United States yearly are (whoops!) accidents. A number of the time, it’s as a result of folks skipping birth control or don’t use it like they’re purported to.But about 5% of the time, ladies utilizing dependable contraception discover themselves unexpectedly pregnant. This is as a result of whereas all of those strategies have a “perfect use” charge, the “typical use” charge is far decrease. Day-to-day life could be so hectic that it’s straightforward to neglect to pop a capsule, substitute a patch on schedule, and even get a contraception shot.


Here’s a take a look at the effectiveness of the commonest types of birth control and how one can decrease your possibilities of a shock being pregnant.


The Birth Control Pill

Oral contraceptives comprise hormones that cease ovulation. If you utilize them completely, they’re a good way to forestall being pregnant, with a 99.7% effectiveness charge. But in actuality, lots of ladies neglect to take them day by day, so the everyday use charge is just 91%. Other the reason why your capsule may not work embody:



If you might have any of those points, speak to your physician about utilizing condoms as a backup technique, or change to a different type of contraception totally.If you skip a dose, take it as quickly as you’ll be able to. If you’ve missed greater than two capsules, take them as quickly as you bear in mind, and proceed to take capsules every day when you use a backup method of birth control like condoms for the following week. If you’re on the mini-pill or the progestin-only capsule, take it throughout the similar 3 hours day by day (For instance, if you happen to usually take one at 7 a.m. after which take it after 10 a.m. sooner or later, you’re extra more likely to get pregnant).


Patches and Rings

These work equally to the contraception capsule. You both insert a hoop into your vagina (AnnoveraNuvaRing) or place a patch in your stomach, higher arm, buttocks, or again (Ortho Evra). Like the capsule, they’re over 99% efficient if you take them precisely as it’s best to. But if you happen to don’t, they’re solely 91% efficient. They can fail as a result of:

  • You don’t put a brand new one in on time each month, or it’s out of your vagina for greater than 2 days in the course of the weeks it’s essential to put on it. The patch can’t do its job if it falls off or if you happen to don’t put a brand new one on at the proper time each week.
  • You take sure meds. The similar drugs and supplements that make the capsule much less dependable additionally have an effect on the ring and patch the identical means.
  • You’re carrying additional weight. Research has discovered that the patch doesn’t work as nicely for ladies who weigh over 200 kilos.


If you utilize one among these strategies, and it falls off otherwise you neglect to vary it in time, reinsert or substitute it inside 48 hours. (If it’s been greater than 2 days, use a backup technique for the following 7 days.)


Birth Control Shot

You get Depo-Provera, or the contraception shot, every 3 months. It comprises the hormone progestin, which stops ovulation. With good use, it’s 99.8% efficient. Sometimes folks neglect to get an injection on time.


It’s necessary to get your follow-up pictures within 10 to fifteen weeks after your final one. If you wait longer than that, you’ll want to make use of a backup method of birth control for every week. 

Birth Control Implant

This is a skinny, matchstick-size rod that your physician inserts into your arm. It releases hormones that forestall being pregnant for as much as 3 years. It’s just about foolproof because it’s already in your physique and also you don’t have to recollect to take it or to make use of it the proper means. As an outcome, each the everyday and ideal use is over 99.9%.


If you’ve had your implant for 3 years and you continue to don’t wish to get pregnant, you must substitute it. Otherwise, you possibly can find yourself with a surprising little bundle of pleasure.



IUDs — which your physician inserts into your vagina — forestall sperm from reaching an egg. They’re greater than 99.2% efficient whether or not you utilize them completely or not. Unlike different types of contraception, you’ll be able to neglect to take it or use it the flawed means. Once it’s in, you’re protected against being pregnant for wherever from 3 to 10 years. There are two sorts of IUDs: copper (ParaGard) and hormonal (KyleenaLilettaMirena, and Skyla).


If you do get pregnant, it’s often as a result of the IUD has slipped partly or utterly out of the uterus.


If this occurs, see your physician instantly. There’s a better threat of life-threatening problems similar to ectopic pregnancy, through which the egg implants outdoors of the uterus. You’ll have to get checked for this. Even if being pregnant is in the proper place (the uterus), the physician will nonetheless have to attempt to take away the IUD as there could be an elevated threat of miscarriage if it’s left in place.


Vaginal Contraception

Vaginal contraception is inserted into the vagina previous to intercourse to create an inhospitable setting for sperm so it received attain the egg for fertilization. These are available in a number of kinds together with foam, jelly, pill, cream, suppository, or dissolvable movies. 


Normally, throughout intercourse, the vagina’s PH degree rises to permit sperm to maneuver in direction of the reproductive canal. Spermicides comprise chemical compounds that kill the sperm earlier than it makes its journey. A brand new prescription non-hormonal gel referred to as Phexxi retains the PH degree of the vagina at its usually acidic degree, inflicting the sperm to die without progressing.Each of those strategies needs to be used previous to intercourse and given time to have the specified impact throughout the vagina (often quarter-hour). If used correctly, spermicides are 70-80% efficient however work higher if you mix them with a condom or diaphragm. Phexxi is taken into account 86% efficient when used appropriately.


Barrier Methods

Barrier strategies of contraception just like the diaphragm, cervical cap, or male or feminine condom bodily block sperm from getting into your uterus. They’re a lot much less dependable than hormonal strategies of contraception — the male condom, for instance, is 98% efficient with good use, however solely 82% in any other case. That means 18 ladies who commonly use condoms with their companions will find themselves pregnant within 12 months. Condoms usually break or aren’t placed on appropriately.


These strategies work higher if you happen to pair them with spermicide, a kind of contraception with chemical compounds that cease sperm from reaching an egg.


Fertility Awareness Methods (FAMs)

Also referred to as “natural family planning” and the “rhythm method,” these allow you to observe your menstrual cycle in order that you recognize if you’re ovulating. To do that, you’re taking your temperature day by day, verifying your cervical mucus, or charting your cycle on a calendar. If you utilize at the very least one among these strategies, and also you comply with it completely, there’s lower than a 5% probability you’ll get pregnant. But that may be robust for most ladies, which is why the everyday effectiveness charge hovers around 76%.


If you utilize a number of FAMs collectively, they’re extra more likely to work. But this nonetheless isn’t an excellent choice for anybody who has irregular menstrual cycles.


Early Signs of Pregnancy

If you miss an interval, take a pregnancy test to just remember to not be pregnant. Other indicators embody tiredness, bloating, having to pee so much, moodiness, nausea, and tender, swollen breasts. Most being pregnant checks will probably be optimistic by the point you miss your first period, but when yours isn’t, it’s nonetheless necessary to see your physician if you happen to be greater than every week or two late to rule out every other well-being circumstances and to verify that you simply aren’t pregnant.

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