Feel Pregnant but the Pregnancy Test is Negative?

Your interval is late.

That easy phrase makes many ladies’ hearts skip a beat, both with hopeful anticipation or fearful dread. (Missing an interval is sort of by no means impartial expertise.) So you are taking a take a look at. What occurs if the take a look at is detrimental however you are feeling pregnant?


First, let’s speak about what’s going on in your physique throughout your menstrual cycle. The week earlier than you begin your interval, your progesterone ranges start to go up and your estrogen ranges start to drop. This can set off the basic PMS signs of breast tenderness, temper adjustments, fatigue, bloating, nervousness, and ravenous cravings.

If your interval is delayed, these signs are generally elevated. It may be complicated as a result of the way in which your physique feels whenever you’ve missed an interval can really feel similar to being pregnant signs. And when you actually need to be pregnant (or actually don’t need to be pregnant), you may overanalyze every symptom, including your stress and nervousness, which may additionally delay your interval and amplify the signs much more.


If you feel pregnant, when do you have to take a house being pregnant take a look at? With the latest residence assessments promising tremendous early outcomes, it’s tempting to take a being pregnant take a look at within the week earlier than your cycle. This just isn’t the most effective concept. The drawback is that even when the house being pregnant take a look at is optimistic, then there may be nonetheless an opportunity of a chemical being pregnant. Up to 30% of fertilized eggs that survive the journey from the fallopian tube to womb will dissolve inside a couple of days of implantation and finish as “chemical pregnancies” (that is along with the ten% of pregnancies that finish in miscarriage).

Chemical pregnancies are a kind of being pregnant loss the place the preliminary being pregnant take a look at is optimistic, however then the interval begins a couple of days later. They are heartbreaking however not an indication of something that’s medically flawed. Because of this, I encourage sufferers to attend till per week after their missed interval to take a being pregnant take a look at. Home being pregnant assessments are fairly delicate, so there isn’t a must-take one million assessments. Try to restrict them to 1 per week to your sanity.


If you take a look at per week after your missed interval and get a detrimental end result however nonetheless have all of the being pregnant signs, you’re in all probability actually confused. What may very well be occurring?



Stress impacts our bodies in bizarre methods. If life is overly traumatic bodily (assume coaching for a marathon) or emotionally (assume world pandemic), then our unconscious mind generally decides that we don’t want a child proper now and we don’t ovulate. If you don’t ovulate, then you definitely don’t have an interval (however you do have PMS signs — which may seem like being pregnant signs).



Medications can impact your menstrual cycles. One of the most important culprits is steroids. Whether taking a steroid dose pack for that nasty sinus infection or getting a shot in your knee from that ache you bought from the marathon, steroids can positively make you miss your interval and really feel very “hormonal” (in different phrases, pregnant). Herbal dietary supplements and important oils can even have these results in instances. If you might be on hormonal contraception (capsule, patch, or ring), this could additionally have an effect on your cycle and make you skip random durations. Changes in thyroid or diabetes treatment can even have an impact.



The common age of menopause is 52, however, some girls begin to expertise the hormonal fluctuations of perimenopause of their early 40s. With perimenopause, it’s common for cycles to develop into irregular, and since the hormonal ranges are likely to fluctuate from one excessive to the opposite, a number of the being pregnant signs, like breast tenderness and moodiness, may be extra prevalent.


If you might be late for one cycle or skip one altogether, it may very well be resulting from one of the many causes above or it might merely be a random prevalence. If you have got one funky cycle after which return to your regular stream and cadence, that isn’t a giant deal. But experiencing continued irregular cycles and hormonal signs just isn’t regular, so observe up along with your physician for some extra testing.

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