Everything You Need to Know About Using Menstrual Cups

Exactly what menstrual cup?


The menstrual cup will be really a kind of reusable womanly hygiene product. It is a small, versatile funnel-shaped cup produced of rubber or even silicone which you place into your vaginal area to catch plus collect period liquid.


Cups can keep more blood compared to other methods, top a lot of women to make use of them as a good eco-friendly alternative in order to tampons. And based on your circulation, you can put on a cup with regard to up to twelve hours.


Available brands of recyclable cups include the particular Keeper Cup, Celestial satellite Cup, Lunette Monthly Cup, DivaCup, Lena Cup, and Lily Cup. Additionally, presently there are a couple of disposable menstrual mugs on the marketplace, like the Rather Softcup.


Using the menstrual mug


In case you’re interested in utilizing a monthly cup, talk in order to your gynecologist. Even though you can purchase any of the particular brands online or even in many shops, you’ll first possess to find away what size a person needs. Most monthly cup brands market small and big versions.


To determine the best monthly cup size with regard to you, you plus your doctor ought to consider:

  • your age group
  • duration of your cervix
  • whether or not really there is a heavy circulation
  • firmness and versatility from the mug
  • cup capability
  • power of your pelvic ground muscles
  • when a person has given delivery vaginal suppositories


Smaller-sized menstrual cups are usually recommended for ladies younger than a few decades old that haven’t delivered vaginal suppositories. Larger sizes are usually often recommended with regard to women who are usually over 30 many years old, have provided birth vaginally, or even have a weightier period.


Before a person place in your own menstrual mug

Whenever you use the menstrual cup with regard to the first period, it might really feel uncomfortable. But “greasing” your cup may help make the particular process smooth. Prior to you place within your cup, use lubrication the rim along with water or the water-based lube (lubricant). A wet monthly cup is a lot easier to place.


How to place in your monthly cup

If you possibly could place in a tampon, you should discover it relatively simple in order to insert a monthly cup. Just adhere to these steps in order to utilize a mug:


  • Wash both fingers thoroughly.
  • Apply drinking water or water-based lube to the particular rim from the particular cup.
  • Tightly collapse the menstrual mug in half, keeping it in 1 hand using the edge facing up.
  • Place the cup, edge up, into the particular vagina like a person would a tampon with no applicator. It should sit down a few ins below your cervix.
  • When the cup will be in your vaginal area, rotate it. This will spring obtainable to create a good airtight seal that will stop leaks.


A person shouldn’t feel your own menstrual cup in case you’ve inserted the particular cup correctly. A person should also become able to proceed, jump, sit, remain, and do some other everyday activities without having your cup dropping out. Should a person be having problems putting in your own cup, speak along with your physician.


Whenever to make your own menstrual cup away

You can put on a menstrual mug for 6 in order to 12 hours, based on whether or even not there is a weighty flow. This implies a person can use the cup for immediate protection.


You ought to always remove your own menstrual cup from the 12-hour mark. In case this becomes complete before then, you will have to bear it before planning to avoid leakages.


How to consider your menstrual glass out

To obtain a menstrual glass, just follow activities:


  • Wash your fingers thoroughly.
  • Place your own index finger plus thumb into your own vagina. Pull the particular stem from the particular cup gently unless you can reach the particular bottom.
  • Pinch the particular base to generate the seal plus pull down in order to take away the particular cup.
  • Once it is out, empties the particular cup into the particular sink or lavatory.

Cup aftercare

Recyclable menstrual cups need to be washed plus wiped clean just before being reinserted directly into your vagina. Your own cup should end up being emptied at a minimum twice per day.


Recyclable menstrual cups are usually durable and might last for 6 a few months to 10 years with proper care. Toss away disposable mugs after removal.


Exactly what are the benefits of using monthly cups?


Lots of women select to use monthly cups because:

  • They are affordable. You pay out a one-time cost to get a reusable monthly cup, unlike tampons or pads, which usually have to turn out to be continually bought plus may cost up to $100 a year.
  • Menstrual mugs are safer. Since menstrual cups gather rather than soak up blood, you’re not really at risk associated with getting toxic shock symptoms (TSS), an uncommon bacterial infection related to tampons make use.
  • Menstrual cups keep more blood. The menstrual cup may hold about one to 2 oz . of menstrual movement. Tampons, however, may only hold upward to some 3rd of an oz.
  • They’re eco-friendly. Recyclable menstrual cups might last a lengthy time, which indicates you’re not adding more waste order to the environment.
  • A person can have intercourse. Most reusable mugs have to end up being taken out just before you have intimate intercourse, but the particular soft disposable types can remain within while you obtain intimate. Not just will your spouse not really feel the glass, you also will not have to leakages.
  • You can use a cup along with an IUD. Several companies claim the menstrual cup can dislodge an IUD, but a 2012 study trusted Source debunked that perception. If you’re worried, though, check along with your physician regarding using a monthly cup.


What are usually the disadvantages associated with using menstrual mugs?


Menstrual cups might be an inexpensive and environmentally helpful option, however, a person still needs the order to keep a couple of things in your own mind:

  • Cup elimination could be sloppy. You may discover yourself in the place or place that makes this difficult or uncomfortable to eliminate your glass. This means you might not be capable to avoid splatters during the procedure.
  • They may be a tough order to insert or get rid of. You may discover that you’re not really having the right collapse once you put it within your menstrual glass. Or you may have a tough time pinching the particular bottom to draw the cup lower and out.
  • This can be tough to find the correct fit. Menstrual mugs aren’t one-size-fits-all, so you may find this difficult to obtain the right suit. This means you might have to consider some brand names before choosing the ideal one to suit your needs plus your vagina.
  • A person might be sensitive to the materials. Most menstrual mugs are made through latex-free materials, producing an excellent strategy for people along with latex allergies. Yet for some individuals, there’s an opportunity the silicone or even rubber material may cause a sensitive attack.
  • It might cause vaginal discomfort. A menstrual mug may irritate your own vagina when the particular cup isn’t washed and cared for with regard to properly. It might also cause pain if you place the cup without having any lubrication.
  • Presently there can be a good increased chance with regard to infection. Wash the particular menstrual cup really well. Rinse plus let it dry out. Don’t reuse the disposable menstrual mug. Wash your fingers after.

Just exactly how much does this cost?

Menstrual mugs are more budget-friendly than tampons plus pads. You may pay, on typical, $20 to $40 for a mug and not possess to purchase another for a minimum of 6 months. Tampons and pads may cost a typical of $50 to $150 annually, depending upon how long plus heavy your time period is and exactly how often you possess your period.


Such as tampons and patches, menstrual cups are not covered by insurance coverage policies or Medical planning, so using the cup will become an out-of-pocket cost.


How to select the right womanly hygiene product for you personally

For many ladies, utilizing a monthly cup is actually a no-brainer. Prior to you associated along with switch, make certain you understand exactly what you need within a feminine cleanliness product:


  • Will the cup set you back much less?
  • Is it a lot more reliable in the results?
  • Does a person want to possess sex in your own period?


If a person answered yes in order to these questions, after that the menstrual mug is right with regard to you. But in case you’re still uncertain, talk to your own gynecologist about your own options and exactly what menstrual product might work right for you.

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