Are Vaginal Moisturizing Melts Protected? An OB/GYN Weighs In

Menopause. Birth management tablets. Stress. Breast feeding. Thyroid points. These are just a few of the frequent causes of vaginal dryness, which might usually result in discomfort with intercourse and decreased libido. Women have a large assortment of each prescription and over-the-counter choices — and now, apparently, they’ve one other one: flavored vaginal melts.


While innovation is nice, particularly within the space of girls’ sexual well-being, I admit I did a double take once I heard about this most recent pattern.


Vaginal moisturizing “melts” are suppositories (I’m assuming the advertising folks felt that “melt” sounds sexier than “suppository.”) fabricated from pure oils that comprise added scents and flavors. Typically, vaginal moisturizers are used nightly to assist the physique create extra moisture within the vagina, however, these melts are meant for use shortly earlier than intercourse so as to add a burst of synthetic moisture. In addition to bettering dryness, they suggest an added additional bonus to the sexual accomplice. They make for loads of intriguing TikTok movies, however, are these secure, wholesome, and mandatory? 

According to the websites promoting vaginal moisturizing melts, the substances are all pure oils, which, on the whole, are secure for the vagina. As an OB/GYN, I generally suggest natural oils like coconut oil or olive oil as a private lubricant. The down aspect to oil-based moisturizers is that they’ll injury latex condoms, making them much less efficient. Additionally, these sorts of merchandise should not be regulated by the FDA (particularly ones offered on ETSY), so they need to be used with warning. If you do strive them, begin with only a small portion of a suppository first to verify there is no such thing as a response or irritation.


The product websites I reviewed claimed to make use of all-natural well-being merchandise. One of the most important issues with any vaginal product is that it’d have an effect on the vaginal PH which might have an effect on the microbiome of the vagina, making you extra susceptible to yeast or bacterial infections. The merchandise declares to be applicable pH, however, I might be very hesitant to suggest these merchandise to ladies who have a historical past of recurrent yeast infections or if they’re predisposed to infections (for instance, ladies with diabetes, HIV, or taking immunosuppressant drugs). Additionally, no matter substances they’ve included to reinforce the flavor and odor of the melts might presumably trigger irritation to the delicate pores and skin of the vagina.


The query right here isn’t can you improve the flavor and odor of your vagina, however ought to you. There is an effective line between merchandise meant for sexual empowerment and people meant to suggest that your vagina is smelly and gross and desires “sprucing up.” Which aspect of the road vaginal melts fall on is probably going a matter of opinion. What is essential for girls to understand is {that a}  healthy vagina has a slight odor — and that is NORMAL. A vagina just isn’t meant to style like strawberry cheesecake.   

Vaginal melts could also be a good possibility for some ladies to assist relieve ache and dryness with intercourse. If you wish to strive the jazzier variations with added style and odor out of an empowered sense of sexual journey and you aren’t susceptible to yeast and vaginal infection, then go for it. However, don’t in any method be shamed into utilizing a product like this out of a worry that your regular vaginal odor or style is for some cause unappealing. If you’ve got famous a brand new, stronger-than-usual vaginal odor or change in your discharge, please observe up with a medical supplier for an examination, and don’t attempt to mask issues with a vaginal soften.

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